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Arizona Piano Mover

Hello! I hope all you avid readers are doing well?! We have been staying pretty busy moving pianos here in Arizona. Last week we loaded up four organs to be moved out of state in Greg’s Mercedes Van as well as about 20 grand piano moves and 10 uprights.  We also got our business cards in and they look great! What do you guys think of the design?

P1040769How Heavy is a Piano?

The number one question we get when we show up to move a piano in Arizona is, “How Heavy is a Piano?”. Obviously all pianos are different but the average upright piano weighs around 350 lbs, the average baby grand weighs around 650 lbs and the average grand weighs anywhere from 700 lbs to 1500 lbs. Most people are shocked when we tell them that moving a grand piano takes very little actual lifting… Arizona Piano Movers use the right tools and equipment to move a piano as carefully as possible. When a piano is moved properly, the piano mover will use his or her weight to counter balance the weight of the piano. That is why it is usually possible for upright pianos and baby grand pianos to be moved with only one piano mover. Of course stairs are a different story!

Moving a Piano Up/Down Stairs

Moving a piano up stairs is obviously a lot harder then moving a piano down stairs. Most piano movers wont even move pianos over stairs out of fear that they wont be able to finish the job. Here at Max Piano Moving, we are confident that we can do any piano mover out there. Not only have we done hundreds of piano moves with stairs, but we have also done crane in piano moves when the stairs were not an option. Usually piano moves up or down stairs cost around $10-12 a stair but here at Max Piano Moving, we only charge $7-8 a stair! Our prices wont be beat!

Well I better get back to the truck. We have a few more piano moves today for a couple of the piano stores here in town. On my way to go pick up a few uprights and a grand piano to be delivered in Coolidge Arizona. If you have any piano moves that need to get done ASAP, feel free to give me a call and I will get your piano in the schedule.

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