Frequently Asked Questions
Why Book With Max Piano Moving?
  • We are cheaper, more experienced, more insured and more friendly than any other piano moving company in the valley. Need more reasons? Contact Us and we will give you even more!
Is Max Piano Moving Insured?
  • Yes. We carry full coverage insurance on both trucks that fully covers your piano and your home while we are on the job.
How Many People Does It Take To Move A Piano?
  • It usually only takes one to move grand pianos and upright pianos as long as there are not to many stairs. Our years of experience has taught us that using the right tools and methods makes all the difference.
Why Are Your Rates So Much Lower Than Other Moving Companies?
  • Because of our experience in the industry, we are able to move pianos a lot faster and more efficiently than most other piano movers. We also drive trucks with very low gas millage (compared to other moving trucks) and we know how to schedule our moves so we are not driving all over the valley. All of these things combine mean major savings on our expenses, which we pass down to you!
What Type of Moves Do You Do?
  • We mainly move for piano stores and private piano owners however we also regularly move pianos and organs for resorts, churches, schools, music halls and just about any place you think may have a piano.