Nationwide Piano Moving

Hello From the Road!

Greg here. This last week I drove all the way out to the East Cost to
deliver and pick up pianos. I moved 12 grand pianos and a few organs to over 7 states.
While I love piano moving, I am glad to be on my way home. Moving a piano is a mater
of technique and is not as much lifting as most people think. With the right piano moving
equipment, Jim and I are able to move most grand pianos by ourselves fairly easily.

Because Max Piano Moving is a local Mesa Piano Moving Company as well as a
nationwide piano moving company, me and Jim dont see each other too much. I typically
work two weeks straight on the road all over the country and then take a week or so off
before heading back out. Jim tends to work 5-6 days a week moving pianos in Gilbert,
Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Glendale. He is also doing more and
more piano moves in Tucson, Coolidge and Maricopa.

The Right Piano Moving Equipment

Jim and I both have the latest piano moving equipment available. If you have poked
around on our site at all you have probably seen our piano moving trucks. I drive a
Mercedes van for climate controlled transpiration across the country while Jim drives
a box truck with a lift gate for the Arizona piano moves. Alot of people ask me how to
move a piano in a van and are shocked when I tell them that I can get up to 5 grand
pianos in my van. It takes skill but it also helps that the van is much larger than your
average family van.

I better get back to moving pianos. Only have to go back through Texas and New
Mexico before I am home! As always if you have any questions about how to move a
piano or would like an out of state or local quote, feel free to call Jim or I and we will be
happy to help you with your piano moving experience! Thanks for reading!